Nintendo R4i 3DS Flash Card - R4i Gold SDHC RTS

R4i Gold 3DS

This is the first flash card in the world that is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS system. This also works with other DS games, homebrew games, applications, music, movies and eBooks. All these capacities of the R4i Gold 3DS can be credited to the diligence of the development team. If you already have your 3DS game console, you can use the previously mentioned flash card to play your homebrews just like how they usually do on any DS or DSi system. With the use of the R4i Gold 3DS, you can experience the same features and support for all the types of files that your normally would have gotten from other R4 flash cards. However, you can save your games and play them in higher resolution with this flash card. It is currently the only flash card that is designed for 3DS. Download R4i 3DS Games

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Download R4i 3DS Games . I am putting my R4i card for sale. They no longer can be bought at eBay or Amozon do to copyright disputes with Nintendo Ltd. Buy R4i for DSi XL and for 3DS. If you already have an adapter download the latest firmware and update it. Shipping is free R4i card USA, Europe, Australia, co.UK, Adelaide. It is hard to find R4i Card Amazon store has banned it. Acekard 2i is a good bundle with best price in Brisbane, Birmingham. Best Buy better a cheap coupon for China.

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